The Executive Order

On Oct. 28, 2015, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed Executive Order D 2018-026 to establish new one and five year goals that reflect the state’s commitment to efficient and sustainable government operations.

The daily activities of state government have a significant impact on the quality of Colorado’s public health, environment and economy. Through a series of executive orders starting in 2003, Colorado state government has led by example in reducing energy consumption, increasing use of renewable energy, decreasing the environmental impact of State vehicles, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Collectively these actions continue to save taxpayer money and reduce impacts on Colorado’s environment and public health.

The new Executive Order establishes responsibility for environmental leadership in all state agencies and departments, and focuses on engaging employees and fostering a culture of resource sustainability and stewardship within Colorado State Government. The Executive Director of each agency shall support development and implementation of plans, programs, and policies that incorporate sustainability practices into daily agency decision-making and long term planning across all agency and department activities and functions.

With support from the Greening Government Leadership Council (GGLC), agencies and departments will engage staff in efforts to achieve these goals through education, training, and opportunities for participation. Executive Directors will be made aware of agency and state progress through annual meetings with their GGLC representative.

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