To meet energy reduction goals set forth in the Executive Order, state agencies will need to reduce energy consumption per square foot by a minimum of 2 percent annually (normalized for weather) and at least 12 percent by Fiscal Year 2020 from a baseline of Fiscal Year 2015. Executive state agencies and departments shall further achieve an absolute reduction of energy consumption by 5 percent over the same time period.

FY 2017 Statewide Report

With 85% of utility data collected and evaluated * the state reduced energy consumption per square foot by 0.95%; not meeting the annual goal.

* The baseline and progress toward goals was calculated with 85% of required executive order square footage being reported. The remaining percentage has not been fully populated in EnergyCAP. Data only includes owned and leased buildings that meet criteria outlined in the executive order.

GGLC Quick Tips: Individual

  1. Power Play: If you can unplug your computer, monitor and other peripheral electronic devices (by using a power strip) over the weekend and at night, this will save even more energy than just turning off this equipment when not in use.
  2. Report leaky sinks to your facilities management staff. In addition to saving on excess water, it also saves on the energy used when hot water needlessly goes down the drain.

GGLC Quick Tips: Facilities

  1. Become familiar with the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Program as a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency upgrades. Read the CEO's Energy Performance Contracting standards.
  2. Conduct a feasibility study. As part of the CEO’s free consulting services, a CEO consultant will conduct a high level study of facilities being considered for energy performance contracting. This study is designed to determine whether or not EPC is a viable tool to perform energy efficiency retrofits. In most cases a facility walk through is not necessary to determine feasibility for further investigation. Visit EPC information on the CEO website.
  3. Power Play:Even if you are in leased space, any energy and dollar savings the leasing company might realize from an EPC could potentially be passed along to your state agency