Vehicle Petroleum

To meet the goal of the Executive Order, the State of Colorado must reduce average petroleum-based fuel consumption per vehicle by a minimum of 4 percent annually and at least 20 percent by Fiscal Year 2020 (from a baseline of Fiscal Year 2015), or 2 percent annually and at least 10 percent by Fiscal Year 2020 for vehicles deemed exempt. Executive state agencies and departments shall further achieve an absolute reduction in petroleum-based fuel consumption by 15 percent, or 7.5 percent for vehicles deemed exempt, over the same time period.

FY 2017 Statewide Report

The state decreased petroleum consumption per vehicle by 2.98% (with an absolute decrease of 1.27%) and decreased petroleum consumption by 12.84% per vehicle for vehicles deemed exempt (with an absolute decrease of 8.61%); not meeting the annual goals for non-exempt vehicles, but meeting the annual goals for exempt vehicles.

GGLC Focus

  1. The GGLC is meeting regularly with the Motor Vehicle Advisory Council (MVAC) to achieve a collaborative effort and establish an alignment with projects between the two groups.
  2. Telematics has been determined to be one of the high priority petroleum reduction strategies; and the state has deployed systems in vehicles across multiple agencies to build a baseline for the existing telematic units. The telematics projects are intended to addresses reduction of idle time first as the largest opportunity to reduce petroleum, and will then address the second most manageable fuel consuming behavior, and so on. The telematics program will also reduce cost, time, and increase accuracy of administration of odometer reporting.
  3. Stakeholders are also prioritizing a strategy to displace petroleum by expanding the usage of all alternative fuel types. We are looking at locations that vehicles have fueled, researching what fuel type was purchased, and identifying missed opportunities that could have fueled with an alternative fuel source.

For state agency guidance for the many state fleet management petroleum reduction activities, please contact Art Hale, State Manager of Strategic Fleet Technology Initiatives, or Scott Edwards, State Fleet Manager.